Thursday, June 20

Recording album 7!

The Sexy Accident is nearly done tracking our 7th full-length studio album! Our producer, Steve Fisk, flew out from Seattle and spent a week with us at Westend Studios in Kansas City. 

For the first three days we tracked as a unit, throwing down takes as a band for twelve songs, eleven of which will appear on album 7. One will be held back for a secret future project. ;)

Eric Knight (left) and Ramone Hall (right) taking a breather

On day four we switched to a combination of lead vocals and guitar overdubs, with Ryan taking the lead. 

Ryan Leip prepping for a take

By day five, Jamie sang her first lead and a bunch of backing lines, letting us hear a few songs in full for the first time.

Jamie Lin faux singing lead :)

Finally, Jesse and Steve spent a day or so wrapping up the last of the lead vocals and adding acoustic guitars, keyboards and percussion.

Jesse's Westend control room selfie

We worked brisk 12-hour days throughout and said farewell to Steve after another satisfying, successful session. 

Steve Fisk at Room 39 for lunch on our last full day

Jesse and Jamie are currently finishing the last of the backing vocals with Justin Skinner of Found a Job and Kodascope manning the control room. Then the tracks fly to Steve in Seattle for him to mix.

We're not sure of a release date, yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we do!

Happy summer. :)