Monday, January 4

Happy new year!

Everyone at Sexy Accident central wishes you a joyous 2016.

May your days be caked by an endless flurry of friendship, love, good noms and satisfaction!

On our end, 2015 closed with an exclamation mark: we finished tracking our 6th full length on New Year's eve.

It's gonna be called Champagne Babycakes. Here's the song order:

  1. I’m Going To Love Your New Boyfriend 
  2. Goats, Biscuits, Bees 
  3. I Do Or Adieu 
  4. Not About Girls 
  5. Shadow Of Doubt 
  6. Drill To The Hull 
  7. She’s The Memory You Keep 
  8. Sneaky 
  9. I Need You To Be Real 
  10. You’re My All Creation 
  11. Like Petrichor 
  12. You’ve Got To Ride Your Bicycle Ha Ha Ha 

 And here's a picture of my track notes because inscrutable handwriting is sexy:

Steve Fisk will begin mixing in February!