Saturday, August 24

Blogs are hard

Not really, but I do seem to be neglecting this one.

The big news is that since I last wrote we've completely tracked our fifth full-length album!

In July and August, Steve Fisk visited us in KC and we rocked Westend.

The new album has 12 songs on it.  I don't know what the track order will be, but the titles are:

  1. You Were My Dream
  2. Gracefully
  3. Business Shirt
  4. Secret Muse 
  5. Imagination, Misunderstanding
  6. I'm So Yours
  7. Daphne
  8. You Turn My Breath To Steam
  9. The Simple Thing is Nothing
  10. It's Just Real
  11. Let's Play
  12. Sometimes
I can easily say that it's our best work to date.  We even have a title picked out, but I won't tell you what it is.  There are lots of embellishments, too.  Like strings!

Here's some pictures of Laurel Parks and Sascha Groschang making up amazing musics on the fly, while Steve mics the action:

And here's Kristin's sister, Ashley Porter, playing French horn!  (We call it "freedom horn" around these parts... nyuk nyuk nyuk.)

In other news, we have a new bass player!  Dan Diamond is taking over from our lifetime member slash permanent "pinch" bassist, Mark Hamblin.  Dan is a computer forensics expert, so don't mess with him, at least on a computer!

You'll see Dan this November, when we resume playing gigs.  Some surprises in store there, too.

Hope you've had a lovely summer,