Sunday, March 25

All record sales to charity!

The Sexy Accident has never been about money.  But now, thanks to the ingenuity of our friends Coleen and Erik Voeks, we have a new charitable aim!

From this moment on, all of the band's proceeds from the sale of our records will go to various charities.

Can't afford to give much?  No problem!  The latest recording will always be pay-what-you-want, with no minimum.  And the older ones are still straight-up free.

You can be as generous as you want, and if you want to try before you buy, you can do that, too!

Read about the charity we're currently supporting on our music page.

We're pretty damned excited about being able to turn our non-business into something beneficial.  Hope you are, too!


Thursday, March 22

Track one now streaming!

We decided to stream track 1 from our new full-length, Ninja Ninja Fight Darth Vader, which will be out on April 21!

The song is called Love Doesn't Get Old, and it's both sincere, sardonic and a punny at the same time. We hope you enjoy.

In other news, we've come up with a new non-business model. From now on, all our records will be pay what you want, with all proceeds going to charity. First up? Wayside Waifs!