Monday, February 22

Look! I have put my clothes back on!

(the latest monthly newsletter... :)

Greetings, sports fans. It is late and I have to make the donuts, so I will not wax as eloquent as I often do on other occasions, when I wax here in this virtual waxing e-mail wax space.


We are making a semi-acoustic appearance this wednesday February 24 at Bulldog in Kansas City, MO. We're playing with power pop luminary Erik Voeks and multi-genre bardmasterflex Cody Wyoming! It's all part of the Troubadour's music club, hosted by Kirsten Paludan of Olympic Size. There's no cover, and lots of great drink specials, so come on out!

The show begins at 8pm. Bulldog is located at 1715 Main St. Kansas City, MO (map)


We are in the midst of booking a tour to NYC and back to take place in June! Two dates are already confirmed: one in Brooklyn (Don Pedro), and the other in Manhattan (Lit Lounge). Other cities on our hit list include but are not limited to: Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, DC and Philadelphia. Watch this space for updates!

"The Sexy Accident Wants To Be Your Milkman"

On the merch front, we will soon unveil our most affordable and awesome T-Shirt EVAR. The new shirt will feature the cunning slogan above, and a strangely cute/creepy design by Christine Schumaker (aka Chubi B.) It'll also be bargain-basement priced at $10 shipped. Don't worry, you'll hear more when the milkmen arrive! I will not be able to resist telling you about it.

I have been playing a fair bit of Lego Starwars

It's true.

And with that, my dear dear friends, I bid thee adieu! Look for our new single this Spring! For now, you can read the lyrics.

Mwoi mwoi mwoi,

Jesse o' Thine Sexy Accident

Sunday, February 14

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

As usual, Derek Sivers is wise.

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