Tuesday, August 19

The Sexy Accident on KKFI 90.1FM tomorrow!

For those in the KC Area...

The Wednesday Midday Medley on KKFI 90.1FM
Wednesday, August 20, 2008 10am - noon

Kansas City Indie Music Scene + Softee

Mark plays the newest recordings of Kansas City's very own: Softee, SSION, ACB's, Ghosty, The Barclay Martin Ensemble, Winston Apple, Mikal Shapiro, OK Jones, The PedalJets, The Wilders, Olympic Sizes, The Republic Tigers, It's Over, Kristie Stremel, Charles S. McVey, The Sexy Accident, In The Pines, and Bixby Lane.

At 11:15 Mark talks with members of Softee: Flora on cello and keyboards, Stephanie on guitar and vocals, Mimi on drums and vocals, and Sarah on bass and lead vocals. These four women originally came to Kansas City from Alabama, New York, New Mexico and Tawian. They all met at Hallmark where they work. They became great friends and started a band.

Softee will be in concert live with The Sour Babies and In Tents at The Brick at 1727 Mcgee Street, KCMO, on Saturday, September, 20 2008. Their brand new 5-song CD, Birds & Aliens is now available. For info on Softee visit: www.myspace.com/softeerocks

Show 226

Remember: KKFI is streaming at www.kkfi.org

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Friday, August 8

Free buttons!

For a limited time, we'll give you one of our super amazing logo buttons when you sign up for our newsletter!

Just sign up, and I'll write back asking for your address. Then I'll put a button in a little white envelope, lick the envelope (or use a sponge dipped in water to wet the envelope), seal the envelope, affix a stamp, address the envelope (with your address), place a return address sticker on it, place the prepared envelope on a shelf near my door, pick it up when I next leave the house and place it in a nearby mailbox!

Then, a postal service worker will use a very complicated system involving elves, cars, elephants, wicker baskets, marsupials and sticky tack to deliver the envelope containing the button to your door!

THEN, you can open the envelope, remove the button, and use it however you like! Please don't poke anyone with the sharp part, though, or throw it!

That is all.

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Sunday, August 3

August Shows!

The Sexy Accident - August Performances

Thursday, August 7 - The Roasterie (Jesse Solo) - Kansas City, MO
Sunday, August 10 - The Record Bar - Kansas City, MO
Friday, August 15 - The Rendezvous - St. Joseph, MO

-> Comrades!

Welcome brothers and capitalist pig-dogs to the latest, most glorious announcement of Accident Sexy, The - band of rockn'roll heroes with guitars and mics and cables and beer. Hot it has become in the homeland, and our brains are scrambled as if they were eggs in an anti-drug commercial from the 80s. The sweat of our brows glistens in the fields and people all over are volunteering for the dangerous experiment called "indiepopshow". You should, too! Come out on an evening or on a night, alone or in a posse, and see us bring you the so-called rock slate. Our band is more louder and punctual than yours.

-> Thursday, August 7 - The Roasterie (Jesse Solo) - Kansas City, MO - 7pm

Bourgeois skinny rich boy Jesse will play with his fancy pants Martin acoustic (manufactured in capitalist slave state of Pennsylvania) some of the songs of Accident, Sexy The in the classist confines of this coffee cookie drip drip restaurant. It will be less hot inside than out, assuming Sputnik is transmitting accurate weather projections to the high counsel.

The Roasterie is located at 6223 Brookside Blvd, Kansas City, MO

-> Sunday, August 10 - The Record Bar - Kansas City, MO - 10pm

Come take advantage of the weakness of the god-fearing capitalist yard hens as they recreate rather than work the fields on the day of the so called "lord." Observe them in their natural, "free time" activities. What do they drink? What do they wear? We want to know so we can laugh at them with hearty bellies full of vodka and yogurt.

The Record Bar is located at 1020 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO

-> Friday, August 15 - The Rendezvous - St. Joseph, MO - 10pm

Accident Sexy, The will be at their weakest without long-bass player PATRICK O'FENT and will enslave others through wages or barter to make the low boom boom. Witness what happens when nameless cog in indie rock wheel O'FENT is replaced by other nameless cog CHUCK or CHAD or MARKHAMBLIN. The arrogance of JESSEKATES is endless and shall be his undoing. Mark the day, JESSEKATES.

The Rendezvous is located at 619 Felix St, St Joseph, MO

-> Eat Clothing, Greedy American

Dress yourself in the burgundy not-red to lull others that you walk the righteous path of the hammer and sickle. Available in men's and women's sizes. Manufactured by deluded "free people" in cushy facility of the Los Angeles by Apparel of the Americans.

Our Price: $ 10 w/Free Shipping!
List Price: 4,351,202 Rubles

- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes