Thursday, May 22

Tonight @ The Studio!

A very nice new venue at 1118 McGee St. just north of the Sprint Center. Come see us! We're playing with Let's Use Teamwork and Junesong.

Show starts at 8.

We'll have our sweet, sweet American Apparel T-Shirt deal going - buy our CD for $10 and get a T-Shirt for free!



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Wednesday, May 21


Welp, I've either got a sudden onset of allergies (which is entirely possible given that this happens to me once a year or so, around this time of year, especially if I'm stressed), or I've got a cold. Either way, it's a bit of a bummer considering we've got a show tomorrow night!

But if Robert Smith can rock the Starlight for three hours in obviously worse condition, then I can handle 35 minutes at The Studio. Salut, Robert Smith!

To bed, though. I'm tired. Very sleepy. Been working very hard on one thing or another for weeks and weeks. The CD release weekend, some big projects at work, lawn care, the weekend of bachelor dadness, etc. It's always like this for us in the Spring. So much to do! And even if the night air makes me sneezy right now, it's still lovely.

My best to you all,

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Monday, May 19

Be a fan on Facebook!

We now have a Facebook page!

Be our fan! The page is brand new, so you'll be one of the first!

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Kinda Like Fireworks on eMusic!

For those who enjoy this wonderful service, Kinda Like Fireworks is now available on eMusic.


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Sunday, May 11

Gardener, Gibbet, Misery (live)

Whew! The CD has been released. And what a lot of fun it was releasing it. The Brick show was one of the best yet, if not the best. Just a great vibe and energy and a very active crowd. We had a blast. Thanks for coming out if you were there!

Here's a video from our show in St. Joseph last night. The gig was fun - very low turnout 'cuz of really bad weather, but we met some cool and very supportive people.
Plus Pat's wife got to roam around on stage with their digital camera and catch a few shots...

If you can't see the movie, here's a link.

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Friday, May 9

Some press!

A very favorable review of Kinda Like Fireworks by Pete Dulin from Present Magazine

A plug for our CD Release Show on the Pitch's Wayward Blog.

And a positive, albeit detail-oriented :) review from Steven Garcia at Ink, who thinks we need somebody to whip us.

Don't forget to come out to the Brick TONIGHT at 11pm for our CD Release show. We're giving out free American Apparel T-Shirts to anyone who buys Kinda Like Fireworks!

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Wednesday, May 7

The Sexy Accident - CD Release Weekend


Beginning on Friday and running through the weekend, we have a series of fortunate events lined up to celebrate the release of our new album, Kinda Like Fireworks.

There should be something for everyone here: sparkly indie pop, kid-friendly / all-ages shows, the usual bar routine, and/or free American Apparel T-Shirts! Here's the info -

Friday May 9
The Brick, 11pm
w/ namelessnumberheadman
21+, FREE T-shirt w/ CD purchase

Saturday May 10
Needmore Discs, 2pm
Jesse solo w/ namelessnumberheadman
FREE all-ages acoustic show

Saturday May 10
The Rendezvous - St. Joseph, 10pm
21+ FREE T-shirt w/CD purchase

Sunday May 11
Zebedees RPM, 2pm
FREE all-ages outdoor show

We hope to see you at one of the shows!

For those who can't wait to get the goods, Kinda Like Fireworks is available NOW on iTunes. As of Friday, it'll also be out on the shelves at Needmore discs, Zebedee's RPM and Prospero's Books in Kansas City. And of course, you can always order direct from with free shipping!

All our best,

- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes

Friday, May 2

Just talkin' 'bout Shaft

Well not really. I don't have anything to say about Shaft, 'cept that he's one bad mutha. (Shut yo mouth!)

I figgered I'd just write some stuffs. Let's see - I've gone back to being a usability person / interaction designer, this time on the product side of Sprint's User Experience Design group. So I no longer work in a group with an awesome name like "Human Sciences Research," but it's fun to be back with the peeps I came into the company with. I feel like I'm really part of a team, despite the fact that Sprint is obviously... a little wobbly at the moment? But I think things are on the up. And I'm doing what I can to help with that, and sort of leading or heavily influencing this big important project thing that we're working on that includes the letter X. You know you're doing something important when it was the letter X in it!

This weekend me and the Tobias will chill mano y boyo (which means nothing) as Stephanie travels to a camping event to dance and do that stuff she does at camping events. I'm not much of a camper, myself. I'm a wussy city boy, though I do love "nature." As a kid, it never occurred to me that parks weren't very natural at all. I just liked the trees and fresh air. I never stopped to think that grass doesn't just grow like that. Maybe I'm just not so smart! Or maybe I was right all along and the earth is gravitating towards a natural ecological state where fescue covers 99% of the earth's non-aquatic surface.

Vive la fescue!

I've been packing up a lot of padded mailers and hand signing a lot of letters that I wrote in the third person. It's pretty exciting, actually. The padded mailers, I mean.

Chuckles Whittingtoppolis of NNHM and I played Tennis the other day. He sort of slaughtered me. But I guess I have an excuse since I haven't played tennis in over 15 years. The high point for me was when Chuck would hit these monster serves right into the net (a "fault," technically) and I would say things like "man, that would have been really hard to hit if that net wasn't there." Then we started doing these cartoony windups before we served - like swinging the racket around 5 times in the air before you toss the ball up. It ads a lot of power. I don't know why you don't see the pros doing it more. Decorum, I guess. Or simple incompetence.

The other night I went to a bar and chilled with two of my lady friends while one was groped by this really drunk guy who was at least twenty years older and kept talking about his ex-wife and how rich he was. I mean, I could see where he was coming from. If he had been groping me like that and offering to take me to his summer house in Mexico I don't know how I could have resisted! But for some reason, she wasn't interested. What's up with that? Maybe he was too subtle in his advances. She might have mistaken him as a salesman of some sort, or a financial advisor.

In other news - Steph and I played pinball tonight at Fric and Frac. That was pretty cool. I triggered the multi-ball mode. It lasted for at least 8 seconds, and was pretty awesome. That was a lot of balls!

And on that note.

- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes