Thursday, April 24

KORRUPTION - Friday April 25

Thine Sexy Accident rocks the West Bottoms of KC Friday Night! Here are the details.

The WayStation (12:00)
The Weather (11:00)
Ste. Simone (10:00)
The Sexy Accident (9:00)

@ Korruption - 1717 West 9th St - Down in the West Bottoms just north of Kemper Arena. If you get lost - call 816.842.1078

Hope to see you there!

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Thursday, April 17

New album now on Rhapsody

For those who use it, Kinda Like Fireworks is now available on Rhapsody.


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Monday, April 14

Wow (Jeremy Enigk)

So, after posting about him (in passing) last night, I had to go do some youtubing to see if I could find anything by Jeremy Enigk. Still amazing as ever...

- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes

Sunday, April 13

Night listening 1: Neko Case

Ever since Toby was born (and even before that, really - maybe ever since Steph and I have been together) it's been hard for me to find the time to just sit down and listen to music. And in general, I have a hard time relaxing. But I can remember going home to my dad's house for winter break after a particularly rough semester at school and lying on the carpeted floor of the spare bedroom listening to Jeremy Enigk and other bands late into the night on a pair of headphones. It was very, very peaceful and soothing.

So tonight after Steph went to bed I stole upstairs to her studio and listened to some music on headphones for the first time in years. Some music is just meant to be heard this way. Neko Case's The Tigers Have Spoken is such music.

I can't believe how talented she is. Her voice is powerful and unassuming. And the selection of songs on that album is just fantastic. The Tigers Have Spoken (the song) is just one of the saddest and most moving songs I've ever heard. And lying there, on the couch, surrounded by the echo of this live recording and the swirl of the guitars and vocal harmonies, I was swept away and just... relaxed more than I have in a long, long time.

So whenever I can, I'm going to do this. And I'm going to write about what I'm listening to here on the blog under the heading "Night listening." So tonight, it's Neko Case. A fine way to start a fine, new tradition. You should check out her website. Her first blog post is great.

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The Sexy Accident's next drummer?

I mean, he's pretty frickin' awesome, isn't he?

Daniel better watch his back. :)

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Saturday, April 12

Fooled you! Album out NOW!


On their sophomore release, The Sexy Accident tackles love, lust, loss and infidelity with peculiar panache and tremendous pop sensibility.

The lyrics are sharp, the guitars alternately scathe and soothe, and the drums are blisteringly fast. The songs are intelligent, considered and insightful, but always played and sung with an intensity and urgency that rings of first hand experience.

Recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio, Chicago.
  1. Baby, it's not cheating
  2. Stall
  3. My girl
  4. Gardener, Gibbet, Misery
  5. Flirting with disaster
  6. Hey you
  7. Morning drive
  8. Lonely days
  9. Dancing with my friends
  10. Skies

BUY DIGITALLY from iTunes (no DRM)

BUY THE CD for $12 (free shipping) via Paypal

The Sexy Accident seeks fourth

The Sexy Accident, Kansas City's Least Complex Pop Band, has operated for the past two+ years as a three piece. In May, we release our second album. You can hear a few tracks on myspace.

We are considering adding a fourth member to add more diversity to our sound. This person should be able to play guitar, keyboards and sing and be able to offer arrangement ideas (and possibly song ideas) on their own. Ideally, this person would be a woman for vocal reasons. Any additional instrumental capabilities would be a big plus, as would a willingness to participate in the business side of running a band. Your contributions would help shape the sound of the band in the future.

In terms of commitment, we practice one to two times weekly for ~3 hours and play out about twice per month. Regional jaunts are planned, though extensive touring is not.

If you like our sound, enjoy trying to make the best music you can and have fun while working hard, then this is the band for you.

If you're interested, get in touch!

Jesse Kates *

Friday, April 11

New song - lonely days

We'll have CDs in our hot little hands next week (though YOU can't have one until May 9th - nyah!)

To celebrate, I thought I'd put another song on our myspace page. This one's called "Lonely Days" and it's beautiful and peaceful and sad.

Enjoy! It's the second song on our profile.

Jesse Kates *