Wednesday, June 27

Wherever you go, there you are.

So tonight I played the open mic night at the Crave Cafe here at 39th st. I figured a little extra practice never hurt and it was an opportunity to be a human billboard (I wore my Sexy Accident shirt).

I was *so* nervous, though! Which strikes me as funny, as I pretty much don't get nervous anymore in front of much larger crowds, on much bigger stages. I guess it's just a question of basic familiarity. At this point, bars are pretty much old hat. And I know my electric gear and how it's going to play out from song to song.

But - sitting down, playing acoustic, being by myself, not being elevated. All of these are comparatively brand new. (I've only played two 'acoustic' gigs of any kind, and none with this band.) So I guess it stands to reason that it would feel different.

So I forgot the second verse of the more things stay the same, which I've never done before. Oh well. And actually, come to think of it, I think I actually didn't forget it - I began singing the right words but somehow my brain convinced me that I had already sang 'em in verse 1. So I stopped dead. Stupid brain. :)

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Tuesday, June 26

Cool YouTube links

of two of my favorite bands (and big inspirations to me.)

Swervedriver rocking Wrong Treats off of their last album, 99th Dream.

The Archers of Loaf playing Form and File and Scenic Pastures, off All The Nation's Airports.

I LOVE that I get to see all of this footage I never would have seen without YouTube.

I hope someday there's a community of fans (no matter how petite) that'll want to share videos of me. :)

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Sunday, June 24

For a limited time - live tracks!

Just for a little while, here's three songs (one mp3) from our last show in St. Joe!

Flirting with disaster, Lonely days, Skies

The sound's not perfect, but I thought the energy was great.

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Friday, June 22

Cool quote

On production...

"My commitment is so insanely present at all times. My social skills are not that great. My technical skills are very interesting and different, but they are kind of idiosyncratically expert. So I always think that it has to do with being able to hear the music well, and to hear what the artist is hearing, or might be trying to hear, and to communicate commitment, that it’s not a joke. This is your last record. That’s my attitude. This is your last note. If that’s the case, then what are you bringing to the table, and if that’s not the case, then why are you doing this? That’s how I’d like to think of myself, even if it’s not really true" - David Torn

Makes me think that maybe I need to UP the intensity, rather than water it down.

Sometimes it's tiring being intense.

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Thursday, June 21

ALL AGES show this Friday in St. Joseph!

We're rocking St. Joseph's premiere (and possibly only?) pirate-themed all-ages venue, the Scallywag, this Friday with locals "RPD" and "After the Nemesis."

The Scallywag is located at 805 Francis Street, St. Joseph, MO 64501

The internet is reporting a start time of 6pm, but we hope that it is confused.

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Tuesday, June 19

Ah, 4:50AM

Up bright and early after a late night of practice. I have an important meeting this morning with the boss and the boss's boss, etc. I always love the late night/early morning squeeze; it's a clear benefit of the rock-star/corporate lifestyle medly. :)

But I got to party with my son this morning, who loves to run in circles around Stephanie until he gets so dizzy that he can't even stand up straight. Pretty cool. :)

Last night we adopted a new practice regimen. We now hit one song and one song only until we can play it near-perfectly. After each attempt, we go around the room mission-control style and report on our satisfaction. When everyone's happy, we move on, but not before.

So we managed to perfect four tunes! Glory be, Abigail, Bottled in Glass and Stall, which is by far our most complicated song. After rehearsal on Thursday, we should be totally ready to rock the pantaloons off of St. Joe's premiere pirate-themed all ages venue, the Scallywag.

Last week I also had the pleasure of rocking out with one Adam Perry, former drummer of Whitford and long-time friend. He was visiting us from San Francisco. Fantastic times were had, culminating perhaps in a bizarre episode at the drug store involving the eavesdropping of strangers and well-timed references to West Side Story.

Still trying to puzzle out the situation I alluded to in my prior post. That one may take a while...

Anywho... it's time for me to get ready for work.

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Wednesday, June 13

All Ages Show TONIGHT!


We're playing a last minute show at Groundwork in Leavenworth. All part of our massive effort to prepare for our new album! We'll be playing a number of new songs for the first time, including:

Hey you (about a collapsing long distance string-along)
Glory be (a dreamy island romp / rock-out hybrid)

The show should start a bit after 7.

Groundwork is located at:

509 Cherokee St.
Leavenworth, KS 66048

Hope to see you there!

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