Sunday, May 27

Will Take Gigs


We're picking up the pace in preparation to record our second album at Steve Albini's studio, Electrical Audio, in Chicago. In October of this year.

Needless to say we need to be playing in perfect form when we head that way, so we'll take pretty much any shows anyone wants to throw at us. There's no better practice than a real show.

So, do you have a house party? Have a lawn? A living room? A laundromat? We will rock it.

Just shoot me a note here or on our myspace.

Jesse Kates *

Wednesday, May 16

Man what a good show

We had a fantastic time last night. Thanks to everyone who came and waited past the expected start time, etc.

If you weren't there, you missed a great show. The energy level was through the roof. Patrick outmaneuvered all expectations and ripped through the entire setlist with nary a missed note. Not bad for a guy with 17 hours of "play time." (18 now).

I passed out free stickers to everyone at the bar. Some were placed in scandalous locations. (The person in this photo asked to have her face cropped out. :)

We were followed by a cool punky band called F*Bomb or similar who joined the bill at the last minute when their gig at El Torreon was cancelled (apparently this happens often on Tuesday.) They were very fun, and covered Meatloaf, and Bon Jovi.

Livin' on a prayer,

Jesse Kates *

Tuesday, May 15

Sexy Accident Photo Contest!

The Sexy Accident wants photos!!

Our photo gallery is empty, and rather than stuff it with the same old boring band shots we thought we'd turn to you, the lovely denizens of the internet, for help in filling it!

So I've decided to start a photo contest. A sort of word association game. The theme, of course, is "The Sexy Accident!" (And an inspiring theme it is!) The rules are simple -

1. Take photos of whatever you want - anything that plays well (or badly) with the theme. Then e-mail them to

2. Despite the theme, I can't use anything that would require me to age-restrict the content.

3. You retain all rights to your work, but agree that I can post your photos up as part of this contest, or to promote the contest.

As I receive entries, I'll post them up here in the blog and in our (now empty) gallery. I'll include your name (unless you don't want me to) and any other details you'd like (a brief bio? shout-outs?) in the blog post. And I'll link back to your site, too, if you want.

At the end of the summer, I'll pick my favorite photo, using my mind. I can't say what the criteria will be, because my mind may know, but if it does, it's not talking.

The winner will receive a care package full of Sexy Accident goodies and will be guest-listed for life at any of our shows!

The whole point here is to have fun! So please spread the word on this contest far and wide so we can have a lot of photos to see.

Jesse Kates *

Monday, May 14

Tonight @ The Hurricane

Come see the new Sexy Accident at the Hurricane tonight! We're playing solo (no other bands), so this concert will be characterized by maximum efficiency (and sexiness, of course.)

Tuesday, May 15 - 9pm
The Hurricane
4048 Broadway (map)
21+ $5 Cover

Listen to Ashley Christian

This will be the debut appearance of our new bassist Patrick Fent, who has played with the band for exactly 16 hours. Come cheer him on!

Jesse Kates *