Tuesday, April 24

Well that was easy

Our search for a bass player is over. Patrick Fent is The Sexy Accident's new master of all things in lower octaves! It is certain that he will bring the rock to an entirely new level, as the band sounded tighter at his audition than we had all last month. Who knew?

Jesse Kates * www.sexyaccident.com

Thursday, April 19

The Sexy Accident needs BASS

The Sexy Accident, Kansas City Indie Pop band extraordinaire, seeks a new BASS PLAYER as part of our transition from local destroyers-of-ears to regional touring stars.*

We are also midway through recording our second album, which you will be asked to help complete.

Our goal is simple: play fantastic shows in front of hundreds of adoring fans.

The band process is democratic in exploration and discussion, but dictator-like in execution (our guitarist/singer weighs all input and makes the final call on song arrangements and business decisions.)

This is a quality-oriented band. Practice is once weekly, every week, unless you have to refinish your basement.

Financial participation in band expenses and revenues is negotiable.

We play shows 2-3 times per month.

We expect: you to be able to play. Restraint and familiarity with a distortion pedal are plusses.

Clips from our first release are at www.myspace.com/sexyaccident and sexyaccident.com

However, the new stuff is much better. Contact us via the webform at sexyaccident.com for a sneak peak at future rock history (or to arrange an audition.)

* use of the word "star" in no way suggests the inclusion of "groupies" or "smack," as they say on the "street."

Jesse Kates * www.sexyaccident.com

Thursday, April 5

How cool is this?

You can now buy all of our music digitally via SNOCAP - RIGHT HERE! (or on our website, later, after this blog passes you by.)

SNOCAP sells DRM-Free high bitrate mp3 files. Good stuff, and perfectly compatible with iTunes/iPOD, of course.

So if you prefer mp3s to CDs, or if you want to cherry-pick your favorite SxA songs, this is the perfect way to go!

And remember, since we're an indie band, most of the money goes directly to us (which allows us to keep recording!)

Jesse Kates * www.sexyaccident.com

Monday, April 2

Tuesday Night @ El Torreon!

For once, we're rocking an all ages show. Here's the skinny -

7PM Tuesday, April 3
w/Saved by Zero, Sunday Blackout & Hectic
El Torreon
3101 Gilham Plaza
Kansas City, MO (map)

Listen to Bottled in Glass

We are playing first, so be there at 7 if you want to see us!

Jesse Kates * www.sexyaccident.com

Sunday, April 1


Figured I'd post a blog entry that wasn't promotional in nature (or at least overtly so. I suppose all blog entries are promotional, when you get right down to it, which I always do, n'est pas?)

Thine Sexy Accident spent the afternoon rehearsing up a storm for our show at El Torreon on Tuesday. We are prepared to bring the rock action. Here's the setlist, for those keeping score -

Bottled in Glass
Ashley Christian
The more things stay the same
Dancing with my Friends
Morning Drive
Flirting with Disaster
Lonely Days

Lonely Days is new, and I'm quite happy with it. It's about a cute little goldfish, and the boy that loves him. Wait, no that's not right. It's about watching a dear friend get involved in something that you really wish they wouldn't, which is entirely different. The El Torreon peeps were saying we are "mellow" in comparison to the other bands we're playing with, so we decided to make our set even more mellow-er. This song is as close to "mellow" as we get.

But really, are we mellow? I don't think so. Can any band that has lines like "in fact whatever you wear is too much" or "you hardly knew him, but yet you screwed him" or (one of my faves) "when you were mine you were so shy that you would hide at your boyfriend's place" really be THAT mellow? Anyway...

We need a new band photo, which we will soon take. Any ideas? If we like your idea we'll... shamelessly steal it. Isn't that great?

Also, does a band need a gimmick in this day and age? Do we need to wear loin cloths? Or perhaps masks? Or perhaps do we need to build a giant lazy susan and let the audience rotate us as we play? (The hard part about this plan is the cabling - how do you keep the cables from twisting as the band rotates? Anyone?) Also, would this require additional insurance coverage, or perhaps disclaimers?

Did you know that almost every Sexy Accident song is about a real-life, honest-to-god woman? I've been cheating by going back in time. Now that I'm all domesticated and stuff, how will I keep it up? The answer is simple. By being smarter than everyone else! (And stealing sordid stories from their torrid lives!)

So, are you torrid? Sordid? Drop me a line. Tell me all about it. I'm only taking notes to... help me focus.

Ooh... let's have some fun (or at least I will.) I'm going to drop some hints about the sources of my inspiration (which, in my deluded mind, somebody other than me cares about.) The above songs were written about, in no particular order, R, V, D, B, K, and S. "But that's only six letters," you say, "and there are eleven songs up there." You always did have a head for numbers!

It seems somebody took more than their fair share of songs.

"But who, who??" you say. (Look, I know there's no way you'd really say that. You're much cooler than that. You'd say something more like "do you have any Grey Poupon?" or "fancy a drink?" or "what do you think of my asparagus?" But work with me, here.)

Well, actually, you'd best calm yourself, 'cuz I'm not tellin'. It wouldn't be fair to R, V, D, K or S. Oops.

See you Tuesday!

Jesse Kates * www.sexyaccident.com