Wednesday, July 26

This Friday, 9pm at American Ice

American Ice
3125 Wyandotte
Kansas City, MO 64111 (map)

Listen to Bottled in Glass

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Tuesday, July 25

100 musicians, 10 questions

I recently partipated in a question and answer feature at erasing clouds. Dave Heaton is posing the same 10 questions to 100 musicians! It's very cool, so check it out.

You can see my answers here

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Monday, July 10

Free CD @ Icehouse gig!

Been thinking of coming to one of our shows, but never quite made it out the door?

If you come to our show at the Icehouse in KC on Friday July 28, we'll give you a free copy of our debut album, TOURISM.

However, there's one catch. You have to remember the secret codephrase. This time, the phrase is "flow like a harpoon"

Just utter the phrase in our general vicinity at the Icehouse on July 28th, and you've got yourself a free album.

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Friday, July 7

They Might be Giants

I find it funny (and not entirely unflattering) that people keep comparing us to They Might Be Giants. Though I'm of course familiar with such classics as "Istanbul" (mostly from Tiny Tunes) and "Particle Man," I don't actively listen to TMBG.

There's a little bit of self-effacing wit in some of my tunes, but I'm not writing silly songs. At least I don't think I am. Except for maybe Callisto, though I don't think most people listen closely enough to catch the triple-entendre at the heart of that tune.

Influences that I am actively aware of: The Wedding Present, The Cure, Swervedriver, Long Fin Killie. TMBG don't make the list.

Anyway, one man's steak is another man's spam. Or something like that.

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