Saturday, June 24

Two more mp3s!

We've just released two more mp3s for download on our music page!

The first song, Undefeated Champion of the Arcade, is a full-on geek rocker about a trash-talking Street Fighter player.

The second, Bottled in Glass, is a nostalgic tale of childhood love lost. Enjoy!

Jesse Kates *

Wednesday, June 21

Thursday @ Harry T's!

FACT: Chuck Norris does not sleep, he waits.

This Thursday, The Sexy Accident will rock the northern end of Kansas City for the first time. Here's the info:

Thursday, June 22
Harry T's Corner Bar
3920 N Chouteau Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64117 (map)

FACT: Chuck Norris has two speeds. Walk, and Kill.

We're on first, at around 7:30. A nice early start time for those who need to work on Friday! (like me)

FACT: 90% of songs played on Thursday will be from our debut album, TOURISM, which is now available on iTunes and on our website.

It's a FACT!

Jesse Kates *

Sunday, June 4

Mr. Rogers!

This is the most amazing clip. In 1969, Mister Rogers appeared before a Senate committee to speak against proposed budget cuts for public television, which was a very new thing at the time.

Mr. Rogers

Just an awesome testament to the power of peaceful, loving persuasion.

Jesse Kates *

Friday, June 2

Two for the price of one

I'm so markety! Fer sure!

For a limited time, if you buy a copy of The Sexy Accident's frickin' laser-beam awesome debut, TOURISM, we will send you a free copy of Whitford's second album, Whitford Whitford!

And if you buy a copy of my solo loop CD, Sleight of Hand, you'll receive a free copy of Whitford's debut, Orson Welles: planetdevouringrobot

In both cases, you get two CDs for $10. Shipping is still free!

Just our way of spreading the love!

Jesse Kates *