Sunday, May 28

Want green power?

I've lived in Missouri for the last four years and was always frustrated that we didn't have a green power option in our utility pool. We lived in Pennsylvania last, and we could choose a 100% renewable power utility, which was great. Missouri doesn't have that option (not sure about Kansas.)

The good news is I just found out today about green energy "tags" - you can buy them from other locations that have green power. When you buy them, they up their production capacity and displace a proportionate amount of energy from "conventional" power sources - coal, nuclear, etc. - in your area or elsewhere. YOUR electricity doesn't magically become "green," but power is power, and an amount equal to the tags you buy switches over from "conventional" to "green."

I bought some for our house. We're going to pay $20 a month to make ourselves "climate neutral." Clearly not everyone can do this, but if you care about stopping/slowing global warming, this seems like a pretty cool thing to do. They also offer smaller tag amounts - down to $1 a month I think.

Anyway, here are two sites that sell certified green energy "tags" -

Not as cool as a green utility, but every little bit counts. Plus if enough people do this in states that don't offer a green choice, maybe somebody will take notice.

Jesse Kates *

Monday, May 22

TOURISM now available on iTunes!

Now you can buy any song from The Sexy Accident's debut album, TOURISM, on iTunes!

As always, the songs are $0.99 each. Just hit the button below to load our page in the iTunes music store.


Sorry for the wait - there was some sort of kink getting the album on-line. But now it's there! Enjoy.

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Friday, May 19

Now available in record stores everywhere!

You can now purchase the Sexy Accident's debut album, TOURISM, from almost any record store in the country. You probably won't find the CD on the shelves (yet), but they can special order it from our distributor, Super D.

Of course you can also just buy TOURISM on-line from us for $10 with free shipping, but if you like to support your local retailers, this is a great way to do it!

If you'd like a list of stores in your area that can order our CD, just send me a note and I'd be happy to send you the info.

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Wednesday, May 10

This Thursday @ The Brick

The Sexy Accident will rock the "hizzy" with Smother Party and The Mechanical Boy this Thursday at the Brick! Details:

Thursday, May 11
The Brick
1727 McGee St.
Kansas City, MO 64108

We'll also introduce you to our brand new bass player, Clay Vernon! He's had a total of two practices with us, but he's ready (and willing) to shred. If he makes any mistakes, you can yell "McCracken!" at him. If you get that reference than you rule my world.

Hope to see you at the Brick!

Jesse Kates *