Sunday, April 9

Mish Mash reviews TOURISM

Our first press is in! Here's what Mish Mash had to say about TOURISM, the Sexy Accident's debut album -

There's something to be said about nerdy power pop that can poke fun of itself, and The Sexy Accident is a shining example. One part Cheap Trick and one part They Might Be Giants, TSA out maneuvers all expectations by weaving geeky intelligence and humor throughout their quirky rock opus.

Perhaps their finest moment is Undefeated Champion of The Arcade, where all their elements come together in a perfect unit. It's got a groovy droning guitar line, with nasal-toned vocals boasting about video gaming skills, along with a lament about the arcade being torn down to build a Rite-Aid. What's not to love?

Jesse Kates *

Saturday, April 8

New photos!

We took a bunch of band shots all over town today. Our press photo is rather awesome, I must say, as it features a space egg. Check it out!

Jesse Kates *