Friday, November 25

Happy tofurky day!

Well, we didn't actually eat a TOFURKY brand meatless bird, but we did eat Stephanie's amazing home-made flightless soy foul, the result of years of R&D with some... interesting... interim evolutions.

If you haven't yet, see Walk the Line. It's just awesome. It inspired me to new levels of Rock, Reese Witherspoon (that's not a typo) and made me cry here and there.

In other news, The Sexy Accident album has a title! It's called TOURISM, and we're nearly done mixing it. Just a few more tweaks and then it's off to Golden Mastering for professional tweakery. I'm very excited. Golden Mastering is the shop that handled Calexico's "Feast of Wire." As comic book dorks like me say when we're blogging about Calexico, 'nuff said.

Anyway, enjoy your holiday! Be sexy!

Jesse Kates *

Monday, November 14


What do you think this is, Fall?

OK, so I was spoiled by our unusually warm November. We've gone from 75 to 40 within 24 hours. Now, you native midwesterners may understand these sudden weather shifts, but I keep thinking that somebody left the 'fridge open or set the thermostat wrong.

I've never been a fan of driving home from work in the dark and cold. (Though now I feel obliged to ask myself "who is?") It's enough to make me think about moving somewhere without seasons. Like San Francisco or ... San Francisco?

So I've got a CD on (Coltrane's Giant Steps) and that's perking me up. Plus Steph is cooking a mean green thai curry for us. Then it's time for Mr. Show or Ali G and a glass of Spanish wine. I really have no right to complain! So I'll stop! This evening is going to RULE! :)

Actually, writing out that little plan up there did cheer me up. Blogger, you're my best friend! I can always talk to YOU.

In other news, I kinda wish the baby were here already so I could get my bearings straight as "dad" (what a weird word to apply to myself. So weird I had to use italics.)

I wonder, can I rock when I'm "dad?"


Jesse Kates *

Sunday, November 13 is now up (though it's really a major revamp of Enjoy!

I now have two videos in the gallery - McCracken playing Sinistarr Ministarr and a little highlight video from my March romp across the northeast.

Expect lots of Sexy Accident content soon! We're wrapping up mixing over the next week or so.

Jesse Kates *

Tuesday, November 1

Sneak preview!

Tonight Billy, Dan and I are proud to unveil the first recording of The Sexy Accident! We're releasing a rough mix of one of the tracks from our forthcoming album.

The song is called Bottled in Glass, and it's a great encapsulation of what The Sexy Accident is all about: unique, hyper-catchy hooks and vocals delivered with an occasional dose of all-out guitar squall.

You can listen to Bottled in Glass at our new Myspace site:

Tell your friends!

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