Saturday, October 29

Recording the Sexy Day 7

Got 'er done! All tracking is done - guitar, vocals, bass and drums for 10 songs.

Also, today I re-encoded the McCracken movie posted yesterday. Now it'll stream, and it's also only 25MB instead of 63. :) Enjoy!

Jesse Kates *

McCracken Video!

Here's a video of one of the songs we played at our first show. This one's called Sinistarr Ministarr!

Tomorrow I'm back in the studio recording guitars and vocals for The Sexy Accident.

Jesse Kates *

Wednesday, October 26

Recording the Sexy Day 6

Knocked out drums and bass for another 3 songs tonight. Went quicker than expected. Saturday = guitars and vocals, then it's on to mixing!

I'm tired but happy. We took a lot of photos but something went funky with the digital camera and none of them came out. So you'll have to use your MIND! Haha!

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Monday, October 24


Decided to be a little twitchy and updated my shows page to include evertyhing I've ever played since graduating from High School. Yes, I know. I really do need help.

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Wednesday, October 12

Google meme

Search 'your name + needs' to see what you need, then post 10 of the findings

Jesse needs your help!
Jesse needs to eat more fruits, veggies, milk products & meat
Jesse needs some reading spectacles.
Jesse needs a forever home that will provide him stability and unconditional love.
Jesse needs an award--I don't know what, but something for sure
Jesse needs support in managing his attention
Jesse needs to release a true autobiography.
Jesse needs a handgun, we must need bazookas and assault rifles and shit.
Jesse needs to loosen up.

Jesse Kates *

Recording the Sexy Day 5

Spent 7PM-1AM recording tonight w/Randy at Sound Campaign. We put down guitars and vocals for three songs that the band recorded rhythm parts for last week. All told, we have seven songs ready for mixing. The goal is to record five more and put out (or find a label to put out) our debut full-length! Spring seems like a likely release time. Mixing can take a while.

I'll post some pictures of the next session. We've been lazy with the camera and haven't snapped a single shot yet.

Anyway, just a note to relay our progress. Slow and steady!

Jesse Kates *