Friday, July 29


Behold - A new collaboration between Jesse Kates and Chuck Whittington of namelessnumberheadman - McCracken!

The music is as awesome as the name implies.

McCracken McCracken McCracken




Jesse Kates and the SEXY ACCIDENT will record a demo shortly, as well. There's lots going on!

Wednesday, July 20

Illegal operator of motor vehicles!

Hello peoples,

This is Jesse Kates, amazing rock guitarist whose license was suspended today because he failed to pay a bill that was never mailed to him for a ticket for a turn in Westport that is illegal between the hours of 6 and 9PM, but not on weekends! Yes! It's a good thing menaces like me are behind bars!

As you may have guessed, I'm not really in jail, YET. In fact, tomorrow I'm going to play a belligerent rock concert in protest against THE MAN. As a comfortably paid heterosexual white dude, I demand justice!

If you're down with that, come see Jesse Kates and the SEXY ACCIDENT tomorrow evening, Thursday July 21 at 9:30PM. We're rocking the Brick, which is located at 1727 McGee St. in downtown Kansas City.

My wife will be driving me so if you need to carpool let me know.

Jesse Kates *

Monday, July 18

Setlist for Thursday's show

I thought it might be interesting to post the setlist for Thursday's debut performance at the Brick. Chances are you don't know any of these songs, but perhaps the titles will make your imaginations churn in appetizing ways.

1. Ashley Christian
2. Morning pales *
3. Stars and Stripes
4. Starling
5. Undefeated Champion of the Arcade
6. The more things stay the same
7. Callisto *
8. Behind my smile

* 2 and 7 are Pedestrian Survival Jump songs in enhanced form. They haven't been performed in 8 years. The rest are brand new.

For the guitar geeks out there, I will be playing three guitars, each in a different tuning:

1995 MIJ Fender Mustang, Sonic Blue - EAEAC#E
1997 Fender USA Stratocaster, Candy Apple Red - EADGBE
1998 Blonde G&L ASAT Classic - DADGAD

Beyond the tunings, none of the guitars are stock, but I'm not getting into that yet. :)

Obligatory reposting of the show info:

Jesse Kates and the SEXY ACCIDENT
Thursday July 21, 9:30pm
The Brick
1727 McGee St.
Kansas City, MO

Hope to see you there!!

Monday, July 11

The calm before the Sexy

(latest newsletter)

Just a quick note to tell all of you fans-of-mine that, at least musically speaking, I am not dead! Au contraire, I have begun a new project! I've had my fill of loop material for the time being. Playing oblique, instrumental-only music with no rhythm section for two years has left me with a real hankering to ROCK/POP.

Thus, I introduce Jesse Kates and the SEXY ACCIDENT - Kansas City's only rock band named slightly like a Harry Potter novel, or an episode of Star Wars.

But we're much better than THE JEDI MENACE or THE TABERNACLE OF GREED, really we are. And we'll prove it on Thursday July 21. Here's the skinny:

Jesse Kates and the SEXY ACCIDENT
Thursday July 21, 9:30pm
The Brick
1727 McGee St.
Kansas City, MO

I will not lie - Brick Shows run late. But come on, what's better than starting the weekend a day early at a bar that serves both celebrity trivia and sweet potato fries? I mean really, when was the last time you got to see the epic transformation of an introspective guitar nerd into an unbridled rock god? *

See you there!

Jesse Kates

* This analogy is for marketing purposes only. No similarity with actual events future, present or otherwise is expressed or implied.

Saturday, July 9


When my friends are too far away, nonexistant or it's too late at night to call them, a Barbara Kingsolver essay seems to do the trick. I'm currently reading High Tide in Tucson. It's an awesomely informative and fun book. Just perfect in small, dense doses.

Wednesday, July 6

Practice makes perfect

Or hopefully competent, at least. I spent the last few weeks out of town first on business (DC area) then for vacation (rural Wisconsin) which stunted our growth, so to speak. But now we are rehearsing up a storm!

Tonight I designed the flyer for the Jesse Kates and the SEXY ACCIDENT show at the Brick on the 21st. If you are in the KC area you will see them appear tomorrow.

Also been messing around with Chuck Whittington of namelessnumberheadman on some side-project bits. We're planning on putting out a song or two via iTunes and other digital outlets. Watch this space!