Tuesday, June 21

Painting your house...

... is utterly exhausting. Especially when you have to remove trim that the silly former owner peoples mistreated. And of course behind the trim is a bunch of flaking plaster that you must patch, all before you paint, which is ... utterly exhausting.


Nice problems to have, though. I'm not complaining.

We're ramping up for the show. Lots of new tunes are ready or in progress. Rock!

Saturday, June 11

Jesse Kates and the SEXY ACCIDENT!

Yes, folks, it's finally time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag (and high time it is... it's 3:17 AM and I've been cranking on my website for the past three hours to make room for two bands on one site.)

My new band is called Jesse Kates and the SEXY ACCIDENT. Who or what is the SEXY ACCIDENT? No one knows. But I can confirm, however, that the SEXY ACCIDENT involves Dan Weller, ace guitar and bass player in exile and Billy Brown, drummer extraordinaire most recently associated with Lost in the Zoo.

Unlike my latest loop project, Whitford, and BandoCalrissian, this is an indie rock band in the "traditional" sense. Yessiree folks, I am writing "pop" songs (or at least songs with discernible verses, choruses and lyrics - they're still pretty unusual!) Fans of my first band, Pedestrian Survival Jump, may recognize a song or two.

Our debut performance will be in late July. Here's the skinny:

Kansas City, MO
Thursday July 21, 9:30pm
The Brick
1727 McGee