Thursday, March 24

New Roulette

Kansas City's The Sexy Accident plays mercurial pop of brains and heart "driven by catchy melodies and smart, real-life lyric writing." (The Big Takeover) When the pandemic struck in 2020, songwriter and bandleader Jesse Kates built a home studio and began producing New Roulette remotely.

Josh Williams performed and recorded Ramone Hall's drum parts. Ryan Leip flew in guitars for Jesse to re-amp. Jamie Pratt sang at her father's suburban home and Mack McKinney played bass from Jesse's back yard. For more Kansas City flavor, New Roulette's lead track, I'm Feeling Dancy, features Sisterbot and the EP includes a cover of Wind Flirter by True Lions. 

New Roulette comprises six tracks and releases on 23 April 2022. Kansas City fans can celebrate with the band at The Sexy Accident's New Roulette release party at the Westport Bowery!

Monday, December 13

The haps!

 Despite being a bit quiet on the blog, we're actually quite busy. :) What's up, you say?

  1. We've stealthily converted our weekly rehearsals into streaming concerts on Reddit. Follow us to tune in! 
  2. Jesse has begun a disciplined songwriting frenzy, churning out one new demo per week. The goal is at least 25 songs written before we make final selections for the next full-length.
  3. We are mixing a new EP for release this spring. Title and drop date will be announced soon! 
  4. We've got a new official band shot by Forester Michael.
I think that's the big stuff! :)

Friday, November 13

UK Blog Love

Dave Beech at When The Horn Blows had kind words to say about our latest single, You're Setting Us All on Fire: when politics manifests into something as poppy, frothy and sugary as this, it’s difficult not to crave more.

You're Setting Us All on Fire is available on bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, etc. 

Tuesday, October 27

You're Setting Us All on Fire

The Sexy Accident has released our second political song, our first since the lead up to Gulf War II.

It's called You're Setting Us All on Fire. You can download it, read lyrics, etc. on our bandcamp site.

Tuesday, August 18

15th anniversary single!

Hey good lookin’. 

Hey Good Lookin'

15 years ago I started The Sexy Accident so I could write and sing pop songs. Today we celebrate that anniversary with a new recording of the single from our first album, Undefeated Champion of The Arcade, produced by Pacific Northwest legend Steve Fisk. (Butt stolen from not-at-all-sexist vintage video game ad.)

- Jesse Kates, Kansas City 

Tuesday, April 14

Presenting album seven: Rabarbaro!

The Sexy Accident is thrilled to announce Rabarbaro, our seventh full-length album in fifteen years

Produced, engineered and mixed by Steve Fisk (Car Seat Headrest, Low, Unwound, Nirvana), Rabarbaro comprises eleven dark, dynamic songs, living up to the intensity of the album’s namesake beverage: a bittersweet, intoxicating Italian amaro distilled from Chinese rhubarb. Rabarbaro can be heard on all digital platforms or purchased directly from the band.

After creating the world’s first card game pop album in 2016, the band felt they could aim no higher in originality of physical formats.

Rabarbaro was performed by Jesse Kates (guitars, singing, keys and percussion), Ramone Hall (drums), Jamie Pratt (singing), Ryan Leip (guitars and keys), Eric Knight (bass), Steve Fisk (keys) and returning guest violinist Laurel Parks.

Tuesday, February 25

American Pancake on The Oh

The Sexy Accident push proto punkness into their choppy indie rock on "The Oh" 

Robb at American Pancake had kind words to say about our latest single! Check it out. :)