Tuesday, September 27

Champagne Babycakes is here!

On September 23, The Sexy Accident released the world's first card game pop album, Champagne Babycakes, at Holy Cow in Kansas City.

You can order your copy of the card game album with immediate download of the songs in the format of your choice. 

You can also purchase Champagne Babycakes at Records with Merritt and Prospero's Books in Kansas City, at Love Garden in Lawrence, KS and at Tabletop Games and Hobby in Overland Park, KS.

The songs of Champagne Babycakes are available at TIDAL, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and anywhere downloads or streams are sold.

The release concert was a tremendous success. Thanks to Darrin and Kathi at Holy Cow. Josh for sound, Maggie and Dylan for a lovely opening set. Tiffany, David and Christopher of KC Improv Company for laughs. Sterling, Camry, Clyde and Hillary for projectors. Erik for running door. Carly for fashion. Metaphor Media for film. 3 Women and an Oven for cupcakes. And Records with Merritt for support.

Wednesday, September 21

Jessica Sain-Baird did a cool write-up re: Champagne Babycakes for The Pitch!

Thanks, Jessica!

Monday, September 12

Not About Girls

We've released another song from Champagne Babycakes!

It's Not About Girls

I'm at a party and I feel like Spock
caught up in human ways that he cannot grok

Champagne Babycakes is the world's first card game pop album

Releases September 23

Order yours today :)

Wednesday, August 24

Card Game / Album Release!

Champagne Babycakes by The Sexy Accident is the world's first pop album released as a card game.

Your objective: finish the album. Build a lineup and play songs. Dodge amp failures, soccer leagues and day jobs to outscore your opponents!

Each copy of Champagne Babycakes includes:

- Game deck of 54 cards designed by Gavin Snider
- Game instructions
- Twelve songs produced by Seattle legend Steve Fisk

Preorder now, or listen to the first track, I'm Going To Love Your New Boyfriend!

We celebrate in Kansas City with a release concert on September 23 at Holy Cow Market and MusicTickets here.

Sponsored by Records with Merritt and 3 Women and an Oven.

Wednesday, June 8

I'm Going To Love Your New Boyfriend

Tuesday, May 31

New record = card game!

Champagne Babycakes is a card game.

Finish the album. Build a lineup and play songs. Dodge amp failures,soccer leagues and day jobs to outscore your opponents!

Order your copy now!

We think this is a worldwide first...

Monday, March 28

The Art of Asking

I'm reading Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking, which was recommended in my session of Artist, INC last year.

It's an endearing, well-written book that illustrates Palmer's earnest, sincere, and generous approach to building a ginormous network of supporters for her art and life. 

The principles on display - chiefly that generosity, vulnerability and engagement beget generosity, vulnerability and engagement - make all the sense in the world, and I'm sure everyone can apply them in some measure to the betterment of their lives. 

But I have no illusions that I can ever do what Amanda did for her band for The Sexy Accident. I'm just not extroverted enough

Maintaining the volume and level of interpersonal connection Amanda did/does would obliterate my personality. I just couldn't keep up. I get tapped out on "social juice" with my friends, kids, bandmates, coworkers, etc.! Much less on hundreds of fans in signing lines. I love spending time with people, but usually in a one-on-one, let's-play-Scrabble sort of way.

In sum, the gift of this book for me is to reveal conclusively that Amanda's way is not mine. Not that anyone would think it was. ;) That said, I'm sure I'll pilfer a few of her moves...

Now where's "The Art Of Becoming A Bookish Pop Star" when you need it?