Friday, May 4

KCUR story on Facebook and music

Alex Smith at KCUR included me in a fun piece on music promotion and Facebook. Thanks, Alex!

Remember, the best way to stay in touch with The Sexy Accident is our email list. Zuckerberg can't take that away. :)

Thursday, April 5

April shows, new songs

The Sexy Accident rocks the Missouri split screen this month:

Saturday, April 7
Kansas City, MO - Minibar (tickets)

Saturday, April 28
St. Louis, MO - Schlafly Taproom

Jesse is also reading poems from Extra Pith on Sunday, April 8 at Swordfish Tom's in Kansas City.

New Songs & Remixes

We'll debut two songs at Minibar: How Very and The Oh. Both are uptempo, guitar-ry numbers. The Oh is extra saucy and features Jamie Lin singing lead.

We're also nearly done recording extra bits for a Champagne Babycakes remix EP featuring tracks produced by Steve Fisk, David Bennet of Akkilles and Chuck Whittington of Namelessnumberheadman!

Press on. Hope warm weather finds and stays with you soon. :)

Saturday, September 23

Live At Holy Cow EP, Video

We are thrilled to release the Live At Holy Cow EP, comprising six tracks from the Champagne Babycakes release concert at Holy Cow exactly one year ago!

The EP features live favorites from several of our records:

  • I'm Going To Love Your New Boyfriend [Live]
  • Goats, Biscuits, Bees [Live]
  • I'm So Yours [Live]
  • Welcome Home (2004 Olympiad) [Live]
  • Sauvignon Blanc [Live]
  • What We'd Do [Live]

The tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Josh Williams.

Live At Holy Cow is available on Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL, Bandcamp (our favorite), and many other places on the interweb.

We also shot a few of the songs on video!

Here's the first, Welcome Home (2004 Olympiad), featuring Jamie Lin on vocals.

The video was shot by Bill Peck of Metaphor Media and edited by Ramone Hall.

We will release more videos from the show in the coming months. :)

Wednesday, June 21

Summer is here!

Though we continue to bask in the glow of The Sexy Accident's new music video, it's time to share an update!

On August 11, Jesse Kates – songwriter, singer and guitarist behind The Sexy Accident – releases his first book of poems, Extra Pith. We will share details about the launch party soon. :)

For now, you can pre-order Extra Pith!

The Sexy Accident is regularly playing live in and around Kansas City.

Our friend George recently gave Jesse an incredible gift: a vintage, UK-made Trace Elliot bass amp. It sounds massive! In response, Jesse acquired his first bass – a used G&L SB-2 – and has become addicted to playing it.

Despite Jesse's new hobby, don't expect to see him on stage playing bass. We've got a new bass player! Please welcome Sean Rathman to the fold. Sean brings tremendous chill, professionalism and financial acumen to this most groovetastic role. He even plays fretless! Chaps, that is.

Finally, the band has begun arranging songs for album 7, to be recorded in 2018. So far, we've got The Oh, Super Bowl Sunday, Here For Christmastime and How Very.

Wednesday, March 29

I'm Going To Love Your New Boyfriend

Here's a music video for I'm Going To Love Your New Boyfriend from Champagne Babycakes!

It was made by Friend Dog Studios and Cooper Films.

This project was immensely collaborative and we had an incredible at every stage. Thanks to everyone involved!

I’m Going To Love Your New Boyfriend by The Sexy Accident:
Directed by Brian Huther
Concept and screenplay by Friend Dog Studios
Starring Ben Auxier, Nicole Green and Seth Macchi

Morgan Cooper - Director of Photography
Wesley Elder - Assistant Director

Ralph Dumas - First Assistant Camera
Daniel Banks - Second Assistant Camera
Sean East - Key Grip
Max McBride and Benjamin Harrison - Grips
Mekahla Peterson - Production Assistant

Choreography by Kyra Weinberger

Dancers: Chelsea Anglemyer, Daria LeGrand, Dashawn Young, Donovan Woods, Evan Lovelace, Kyra Weinberger

Background Actors: Alice Pollack, Andy Perkins, Christopher Preyer, Christopher Steinauer, Dan Munson, Emily Jane Sukolics, Grant Conrad, Hilari Holt, Jesse Kates, Lacey Doyle, Lauren Pope, Madison Mears, Megan Anderson, Melissa Fennewald, Melody Smith Stewart, Monique Salazar, Nathan Goss, Nicole Hall, Paul Nyakatura, Ramone Hall, Rebecca Munoz, Ryan Leip and Sara Platt

Makeup and wardrobe by Shelbi Thompson and Nichole Hobbs

Storyboards by Jenny Holden

Location courtesy of Elizabeth Hansen

I’m Going To Love Your New Boyfriend appears on Champagne Babycakes by The Sexy Accident, the world’s first card game pop album. It was written by Jesse Kates / Halaster Music [ASCAP] and is © 2016 The Sexy Accident. It was performed by Jesse Kates, Dan Diamond, Ramone Hall, Jamie Lin and Kyle Dahlquist, produced by Steve Fisk and mastered by Steve Turnidge

Jesse Kates’ wardrobe by Carly Lewandowski

Monday, February 6

Champagne Babycakes clarifications

Here at The Sexy Accident we pride ourselves on attention to detail, so we're providing a correction and a clarification to the Champagne Babycakes game.

1) Despite instructions to the contrary, the Fill In card cannot be used to change the identity of a musician in your hand. It can only be used on a musician in your lineup. The instructions should read:

Fill In: Temporarily change the identity of one musician in your lineup to allow you to play a song. After playing in combination with the song, draw an additional card to replace Fill In.

2) In some cases, the Trump Card can lead to an unplayable scenario. For example, if you Trump Card a Craigslist but nobody has a musician to steal, what happens? The answer is nothing. The instructions should read:

Trump Card: Immediately transform an event played against you into an event you played. Draw an additional card to replace Trump Card. Play resumes as normal. If there is no target for the Trumped event, the Trumped event does nothing.

Subsequent reprints of the game will make these changes, so consider the original instructions markers of the first edition! :)

Tuesday, January 10

Big year coming

We are pleased to announce some major projects en-route in 2017.

All photos are by Megan Anderson. 

More news as we have it. ;)