Monday, February 6

Champagne Babycakes clarifications

Here at The Sexy Accident we pride ourselves on attention to detail, so we're providing a correction and a clarification to the Champagne Babycakes game.

1) Despite instructions to the contrary, the Fill In card cannot be used to change the identity of a musician in your hand. It can only be used on a musician in your lineup. The instructions should read:

Fill In: Temporarily change the identity of one musician in your lineup to allow you to play a song. After playing in combination with the song, draw an additional card to replace Fill In.

2) In some cases, the Trump Card can lead to an unplayable scenario. For example, if you Trump Card a Craigslist but nobody has a musician to steal, what happens? The answer is nothing. The instructions should read:

Trump Card: Immediately transform an event played against you into an event you played. Draw an additional card to replace Trump Card. Play resumes as normal. If there is no target for the Trumped event, the Trumped event does nothing.

Subsequent reprints of the game will make these changes, so consider the original instructions markers of the first edition! :)

Tuesday, January 10

Big year coming

We are pleased to announce some major projects en-route in 2017.

All photos are by Megan Anderson. 

More news as we have it. ;)

Thursday, October 13

Love from KCUR

Monique Gabrielle Salazar of KCUR 89.3fm wrote a glowing review of Champagne Babycakes, the world's first card game album. Thanks, Monique. :)

Monday, October 10

Lyrics up

Read the lyrics to Champagne Babycakes, the world's first card game pop album, here! :)

Tuesday, September 27

Champagne Babycakes is here!

On September 23, The Sexy Accident released the world's first card game pop album, Champagne Babycakes, at Holy Cow in Kansas City.

You can order your copy of the card game album with immediate download of the songs in the format of your choice. 

You can also purchase Champagne Babycakes at Records with Merritt and Prospero's Books in Kansas City, at Love Garden in Lawrence, KS and at Tabletop Games and Hobby in Overland Park, KS.

The songs of Champagne Babycakes are available at TIDAL, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and anywhere downloads or streams are sold.

The release concert was a tremendous success. Thanks to Darrin and Kathi at Holy Cow. Josh for sound, Maggie and Dylan for a lovely opening set. Tiffany, David and Christopher of KC Improv Company for laughs. Sterling, Camry, Clyde and Hillary for projectors. Erik for running door. Carly for fashion. Metaphor Media for film. 3 Women and an Oven for cupcakes. And Records with Merritt for support.

Wednesday, September 21

Jessica Sain-Baird did a cool write-up re: Champagne Babycakes for The Pitch!

Thanks, Jessica!

Monday, September 12

Not About Girls

We've released another song from Champagne Babycakes!

It's Not About Girls

I'm at a party and I feel like Spock
caught up in human ways that he cannot grok

Champagne Babycakes is the world's first card game pop album

Releases September 23

Order yours today :)