Tuesday, December 2

New lyrics - Buy me out

Buy me out

I don’t have time
to hear your assessment

the mission’s planned
the decks are manned
I’ve got their investment

I’ve got no ace
it so doesn’t matter

I hold full sway
while they’re away
I pilfer and flatter

Buy me out
Buy me out
I’ve milked it

While you bleed
I count up my winnings

It’s safe to say
I’ll choose to play
less than nine innings

is something wrong?
your voice is so distant

a grinding halt
it’s not my fault
just can my assistant

I can’t be flawed
I’m always promoted

a lovely reign
and thanks again
to all those who voted

Buy me out
Buy me out
I’ve milked it

And while you’re dying
I’ll fly away

If you can’t heed the warning signs
the fault clearly isn’t mine

- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes