Monday, November 3

Jesse Kates endorses Barack Obama

Because I know you care. :)

Here is why:

The role of government in a capitalist democracy is to think more long-term than businesses are able to, and to set forth the rules under which businesses play.

Businesses think at best in 6 month cycles and only care about making money. That's fine. That's what businesses are for.

Government serves a needed function. You can't eliminate it without destroying your nation's ability to think long-term.

Problems that require solutions in timeframes longer than 6 months can only be solved by government.

Climate change is such a problem.

The economic crisis is such a problem.

Barack Obama gets this. And he has the courage to push for painful but needed change that will pay huge dividends in the future and prevent all sorts of awful outcomes. And he's HONEST about how hard these problems are, about how they will require sacrifice to fix. That honesty is incredibly rare and refreshing.

Sometimes things cost money, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

That's why I am voting Obama.

Whoever you support - please vote tomorrow!

- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes