Saturday, November 1

The beginning and the end

I thought I'd show you all how this often works. Here are two recordings of what would become Gardener, Gibbet, Misery off of our second album, Kinda Like Fireworks.

The first recording is the "demo" I made the night I wrote it. I was sitting in the living room of my house, probably at around midnight or 1am on a work night, feeling like the song sounds (it's a better capture of how I felt than any words would be.) I was playing quietly, because my wife and baby were asleep.

Listen to the demo

The second recording is the album version of Gardener, Gibbet, Misery - which I'll release here for a little while, at least. If you snag it and download it to keep, you win! :)

Listen to the album track

I just thought this was an interesting illustration of the 'process' of how we'll go from an idea (usually a chord progression and maybe a melody) to a finished song with a complete arrangement, dynamics, new voicing, maybe a different key, a different melody and lyrics! In this case, the vibe is obviously more energetic with the band, but somehow, I think there's a kernel of that original recording that never left. Certainly, I was thinking about the same things on both occasions - when I first recorded it in my livingroom, and when I sang it to tape at Electrical Audio in Chicago months later.


- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes