Tuesday, March 4

electrical audio recording diary day 2-4

ok, so I've been a little slack with the updates, but with good reason! we're done! three days early!

after four ten hour days of non-stop action, i'm sitting in a hotel in des moines with four guitars, a bass, some snacks and two reels of two inch twenty-four track tape. the half-inch master reels are being shipped to john golden.

now, despite the fact that I am in possession of one of the greatest acts of rock of our time, all was not pudding and crumpets (though celebratory martinis and tarts await me at home, thanks to the lovely ladies in my life). we hit the high stress point on saturday after a grueling day of tracking. daniel's arms were shot and I was losing perspective despite our rapid progress. we turned the tide by moving to a hotel rather than sleep another night on electrical's futons. on sunday everyone was better rested and we completed our final band take - flirting with disaster. then I sang the remaining three tunes (i finished seven on saturday) and we began mixing.

this morning we mixed the rest of the album, sequenced it and high tailed it to des moines, cutting tomorrow's drive time in half.

we listened to a reference cd in the car and I must say this album is very, very good. it's incredibly live and energetic. we really ripped the takes. tracking live, as a band, was clearly the right approach. these songs just ooze gusto and passion. i'm pumped to hear the mastered version.

be that as it may, it's three am and this rock star is pooped. more soon!

Jesse Kates * www.sexyaccident.com