Thursday, February 28

viva chicago

well, here I am in a little comfortable hotel room in chicago, right next to o'hare! i'm writing this from a semi awkward thumb keyboard device thingy that I got from work. it actually works fairly well.
tomorrow we hit the studio around eleven. daniel and I drove up this morning and pat arrives by air tomorrow like the rock star he is.

tonight daniel and I ate at a random turkish place. the food and the belly dancer were both yummy. :)

the ride up was more or less uneventful save for the six whole cloves of garlic I ate as part of a delicious thai dish in st louis and the subsequent suffering of daniel as he rode in close proximity to me for the remaining five hours to chicago. what can I say? daniel's a trooper. and I likes the garlic.

more tomorrow when the rock begins fo reals.

Jesse Kates *