Friday, February 29

electrical audio recording diary - day 1

wow. we began the day by meeting pat at a greasy spoon a few blocks from the studio. then we arrived at electrical. it was surreal suddenly finding myself standing in rooms that i've looked at in photos for years. i've wanted to record here since the whitford days.

greg norman is super efficient and extremely skilled. the sounds we're getting are excellent and all of the rehearsing has more than paid off.

track wise we knocked out complete takes of at least six songs. possibly seven. we hit many of them on the first or second take! as of now we're ahead of schedule, which could save me thousands of dollars. but we will stay as long as is needed (up to seven days) to get the job done right.

tomorrow we start by grocery shopping and then resume the rock at ten am.
I also just had te odd experience of setting in a room watching family guy with steve albini, todd trainer and bob weston of shellac fame. I sort of wanted to talk to them and tried a bit but didn't really have anything worthwhile to say on the topics at hand. conversation was sparse anyway as steve was engrossed on his laptop. anyway, it was certainly cool to share some space with such talented peeps. bob and steve have recorded some of my favorite albums. and obviously shellac is a great band. I really admire this whole operation. greg was telling me that he helped dig the foundation for the studio walls! how amazing to have built the place where you work, and to work in a field you're passionate about, in the manner you believe in.

anyway, I should sleep and this thumb typing stuff sucks. goodnight!

Jesse Kates *