Tuesday, January 14

Ready, set...

Happy new year!

We're hard at work at Sexy Accident HQ getting ready for cool shows in 2020 and for the release of Rabarbaro, our seventh full-length album, which was produced by pacific northwest legend Steve Fisk.

To whet your appetite, here's the final track order - 
  1. Unto a Sparkling Shore 
  2. The Land of Want (feat. James Graham)
  3. The Oh
  4. Saison Noir
  5. How Very
  6. Now That You’ve Found Him
  7. I Can’t Act Okay
  8. Lustr
  9. Butterscotch
  10. Felis Caprinae
  11. Super Bowl Sunday
Track 2 is the full, "original" version of The Land of Want, which we edited down for the single release after extensive debate within the band about the merits and disadvantages of doing so. :) 

For audiophiles...

Jesse has also uploaded the entire Sexy Accident catalog to bandcamp in lossless HD/hi-res 24-bit audio, so if you're into outrageously great sounding recordings, you should check it out!

'Sup, Mack

We've also got a new bass player to announce. Please welcome Mack McKinney to the fold. 

Crystal jubilee

Finally, 2020 is The Sexy Accident's fifteenth anniversary as a band. We may invite some former bandmates to hop on stage with us here in KC!

Live long and prosper,

Jesse :)