Tuesday, July 16

Where The Buffalo Room (Live)

Album art by Steph Kates of Bell Street Pottery

Today we release the second volume in our live EP series, Where The Buffalo Room, comprising six tracks from the Chamcakes Babypagne release concert at The Buffalo Room in Kansas City. 

In addition to four favorites from our studio albums, Where The Buffalo Room also features two brand-new songs: How Very and The Oh, which features Jamie Lin on lead vocals.

These songs were so new when we played this show that the lyrics have changed slightly since they were recorded. It's a view into our creative process. :)

If you look closely at our bandcamp page, you'll also spot the name of our forthcoming seventh studio album, which Steve Fisk is mixing now! Here's a blog post on that project.

Where The Buffalo Room is available on Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL, Bandcamp (our favorite), and many other places on the interweb.

Happy summer.