Wednesday, October 31

We are not boring!

Free show in St. Louis on November 3

The Sexy Accident returns to Schlafly Tap Room on Saturday, November 3. We play alongside our guitar pop brethren Dear Genre and the swing-ish singer-songwriter ensemble Cherokee Moon.

Chamcakes Babypagne

Chamcakes Babypagne is available now as a digital album and as an expansion to the original Champagne Babycakes card game. You can also stream it on Spotify, etc.

Chamcakes is a selection of songs from The Sexy Accident's sixth full-length album, Champagne Babycakes, re-imagined and reconstructed by talented producers and guest musicians.

Major projects afoot

We've engaged our longstanding producer Steve Fisk to record our seventh full-length album in June! We are in the thick of arranging twelve new songs:

The Oh
Felis Caprinae
The Land of Want
The Lucky Ones
How Very
Now That You've Found Him
Super Bowl Sunday
I Can’t Act OK
Sandcastles in the Tide
Saison Noir

Additionally, we recorded the recent Chamcakes Babypagne release show at The Buffalo Room and plan to release a selection of songs as a second Live EP! If you missed it, Live at Holy Cow is a similar project released last year. :)

Please vote November 6

...just in case you needed a reminder. We sure will be!

Hope you're having a lovely fall,

- Jesse o' The Sexy Accident