Monday, March 28

The Art of Asking

I'm reading Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking, which was recommended in my session of Artist, INC last year.

It's an endearing, well-written book that illustrates Palmer's earnest, sincere, and generous approach to building a ginormous network of supporters for her art and life. 

The principles on display - chiefly that generosity, vulnerability and engagement beget generosity, vulnerability and engagement - make all the sense in the world, and I'm sure everyone can apply them in some measure to the betterment of their lives. 

But I have no illusions that I can ever do what Amanda did for her band for The Sexy Accident. I'm just not extroverted enough

Maintaining the volume and level of interpersonal connection Amanda did/does would obliterate my personality. I just couldn't keep up. I get tapped out on "social juice" with my friends, kids, bandmates, coworkers, etc.! Much less on hundreds of fans in signing lines. I love spending time with people, but usually in a one-on-one, let's-play-Scrabble sort of way.

In sum, the gift of this book for me is to reveal conclusively that Amanda's way is not mine. Not that anyone would think it was. ;) That said, I'm sure I'll pilfer a few of her moves...

Now where's "The Art Of Becoming A Bookish Pop Star" when you need it?