Tuesday, July 7

Tomorrow, it begins!

For the fourth time, Steve Fisk lands in Kansas City to record a Sexy Accident album. It'll be great to see him! It's odd to have these two-year gaps between visits with a good friend.

The band is prepared. We had our final rehearsal last night. Dan and Ramone have put hour upon hour into getting everything prim and proper. It's the punchiest the band has ever been!

Sound-wise, this record is poppy. There are one or two ballads, but this is more like a lyrically robust, intricate Kinda Like Fireworks vs. a Lavender 3. The rock is in full effect, but we haven't lost our focus on narrative, quirk or lushness. And everything is compressed and exact, like a poem.

We've also been experimenting with the limited edition physical format for this baby, in partnership with studeo_b Books. Here's the prototype!