Sunday, July 12

Album 6: Day 3

We finished the basic tracks! It was an exciting morning. Getting the main guitar, bass and drums done for 12 songs in two and a half days of studio time is a Sexy Accident record.

Here's how happy we were!

The afternoon unfortunately involved a few technical glitches that were expertly handled by Mike Miller and Justin Mantooth of Westend. By the end of the day, we had successfully transferred all of our work off of the 16 track MCI and into ProTools.

We've had lots of alumni visits through this record. Our longtime drummer Daniel Torrence stopped by and lent us snares and cymbals. Lavender 3 keyboard player Kristin Smith joined us as we shot bugs during the tape transfer and Steve and I got slap happy in our stress.

Later that evening, my wife Stephanie treated Steve, our friend Laura and Lavender 3 bassist Mark Hamblin to a slow cooker Indian meal at chez Kates. We sat on the porch and listened to cicadas while drinking Mark's homebrew. Delicious in all regards!