Tuesday, August 9

Album 4: day 9

Hah! I blog about the day on the day. Deal with it!

It's funny. I thought 5 days was more then we needed. The critical miscalculation was forgetting that camry sings on these songs almost as much as I do. In effect, instead of having thirteen songs to sing, we have twenty three. Apparently I am more of a lead vocalist than project manager after all!

Today was hard work but gratifying as always. We sang vocals on you're the reason why, did some guitar overdubs and then moved on to  vocals for the two completely different versions of you're not alone. The electric version was sung in the usual fashion: lead followed by backing. But for the acoustic version, camry and I went old school and sang together into one mic! I have to say that it was probably the highlight of the session for me.  Singing in the middle of the room with my bandmate through a lush, perfectly balanced mic (I stood behind camry's shoulder because I am a bit louder :) conjured memories of evenings at prospero's books. We locked in almost perfectly right away. It was like an arrival: the end of a two year journey of  countless nights spent singing and relentlessly working things out. It was kind of magic.

We did some other fun things, like a mini guitar loop interlude that conjures a bit of sleight of hand. And lunch at fud was hard to beat, even with dinner at thai place! And tomorrow daniel will use my son's floor tom like a timpani. :)

But for now, time to sleep. Wish us luck on our last day! There are three songs left to sing, and we will do our best. It's what we do!