Tuesday, August 9

Album 4: day 8

So I'm writing this halfway through day 9, which is making it a bit difficult to reconstruct the exact chronology. But despite the sage advice of homer simpson, I will try!

I know for sure that I sang the lead vocal for you don't exist. Camry assures me that we also sang both sets of vocals for monica. I trust camry implicitly, as should you.

I also recall doing some acoustic harmonic capo mumbo jumbo in all surface, as well as retracking the main electric guitar part.

Camry also predominantly triumphed over all surface, a song that we love dearly but if you see it walking around maybe you should tell it that it is being a bit... needy, maybe?  Camry will most likely finish the job today.

But the jewel on the sprinkles on the root beer float of the day had to be russell thorpe's sax playing on monica. Dude threw down like donkey kong. Four times. With your mom!

And with that I will finish my lunch, dear reader, which is as lovely and succulent as thou art.