Monday, August 8

Album 4: day 7

Another mobile update! Steve is using my computer to write some stuff on horror movie sound design for the experience music project. :)  yesterday was another highly  productive run.

We spent most of the day piling on a sequence of somewhat absurd and entirely awesome overdubs on love doesn't get old, a song that apparently I have never been able to sing.  After a few hours of battle with the lead vocal, camry sailed in on a cloud of nonplus and summarily dispatched the backing vocals.  At this time, realizing that I am more of a project manager than lead vocalist, I retreated to the depths of my reverb tank and unleashed some tasty licks on all surface redux. 

The night concluded with me accidentally destroying the electrical system in my wife's car. For an encore, mike (new bass player) and I visited an oft far away and slightly beyond tipsy friend and her friends in mission and discussed the technical definitions of various human sex acts whilst camry and steve continued to exceed expectations.

This morning it has been oatmeal and tea and be/non for steve and I. Soon we shall sally forth into this wild world of auto parts and indie pop!  We at the sexy accident salute you.