Thursday, August 11

Album 4: day 10

I am still writing from my phone, because the computer represents a return to the world of the day job, bills and headlines. I dropped steve off at the airport this morning and have spent the day lounging around in various stages of unclothedness watching music documentaries and eating raj mah.

We did it! Yesterday we wrapped up the last of the vocals for under summer stars, what we'd do and the new version of I'm just trying to help me like you that camry sings. We also completed the few remaining guitar dubs and daniel used my son's floor tom to add pseudo-timpani to I guess I'll never know and played turbo shaker on you're the reason why!

We finished around 9 and camry, steve and I went out for a celebratory meal. Then steve and I returned to the studio to load out, make backups of all the files and most importantly, to mess around playing back the tracks!  Now the ball is in steve's court as we move on to the mix.

This has been the best recording experience of my life, and i'm tremendously excited about the new tunes. The band played beautifully and the vocal takes are full of heart. Expect an ep in february and the full length in april! 

Many people deserve thanks at this stage in the project, but I'll save that for the liner notes. :) rest assured that I'm keeping a list. I am an excellent project manager after all. :)

And with that, it's time for a walk. Seize the day, friends!