Wednesday, July 6

Album 4: Day 1

I am time boxing this post to 10 minutes because I need to unwind and get to sleep!

Got Steve from the airport last night and had a lovely dinner out with Steph (my wife), Daniel and Cindy (Daniel's girlfriend) and Steve hisself. Then I got Steve to his hotel and we called it a night!

This morning we started at 10am and ended at 9:50pm. Almost 12hrs of work with minimal breakage. Most of the day was spent getting the studio up and running (Steve picked and placed mics, got the tape machine running, etc.) and dialing in sounds. By the time we got rolling it was about 7pm.

We started with What We'd Do, which most of the band burned through with ease. I, however, was struggling with the fineries of my wah pedal and the somewhat touch-sensitive solo in the bridge. As a result, we ended up doing four takes. But the joke's on the rtythm section because they kept getting better and better with every take! I should screw up more often. The last take was fantastic with a sexy and confident groove.

We ended the night by (perhaps foolishly) pushing on and dialing in the tones for tomorrow's first number: You're The Reason Why. So now we're all sleepy!

Back at it in the morn. I hope to also see my kiddos! :)