Monday, December 13

'Tis the season to help others!

From now through Christmas Eve, The Sexy Accident will give all revenue (not just profits - all of the money!) from the sale of our T-Shirts to Kansas City nonprofit Operation Breakthrough.

Why Operation Breakthrough? Christmas is about kids, and Operation Breakthrough gives gifts that are way more important than toys and candy canes. Some of the many services they provide to poor children and adolescents include: before and after school care, dental care, immunizations, speech therapy, literacy programs, GED counseling and homelessness prevention.

So if you're pining for a super-comfortable, incredibly fashionable, often 100% USA made T-Shirt from your favorite Kansas City pop band, AND you want to do the right thing for the less fortunate at the same time, head on over to our merch page and pick up some shirts. It's the right thing to do and a tasty way to do it (like Oatmeal and Wilfred Brimley.)

This promotion is lmited to our current stock. We'll post if we sell out, though it's not likely to happen. :) We just restocked!