Monday, November 1

Music Video! (Savage Love)

The Sexy Accident is pleased to unveil our new music video for Savage Love (from the free EP Now That She's Gone) by Kansas City filmmaker Zac Eubank!

The bulk of the video was shot in one continuous take and stars Sam Eubank, Mary Schlicht and, of course, The Sexy Accident!

This rambunctious bundle of cinematic joy was made possible through the generosity of many of KC's finest, including choreographer Steven Eubank (of no relation to Zac and Sam), set builder Jay Slums, Wheat Photography, Scott Fitness, Vintage Vogue clothing and a small army of volunteers who danced, held props, flipped lights and threw popcorn - all for nothing but the joy of the art and the experience.

We hope you enjoy the video! You can download Savage Love (the song) for free, too. :)