Monday, April 5

EP tracking: Day 2 of 2

I'm actually writing this the day after our second day of tracking. Why am I doing this? Because I was so pooped after we FINISHED THE WHOLE FREAKING RECORD yesterday.

Well, that's not completely accurate, because it has yet to be mixed, but since I don't actually do that part [that part is for Mr. Stev(i)e (Ray) Fisk], my work here is largely done. Now I get to watch my pile of audio playdoh get turned into succulent (though inedible) spaghetti by a culinary master. [psst: the "spaghetti" is really made of playdoh... that is really audio... yeah. Great analogy.]

But what a pile of playdoh it is! Yesterday we finished basic tracks for Now That She's Gone, recorded the rest of my vocals, recorded Camry and Chad's backing vocals, did some guitar doubling, added a couple tambourines, a couple acoustic guitars, some handclaps, some sleighbells, and trumpet and soprano saxophone courtesy of Derek Worthington and Russell Thorpe, respectively!

The end result is an extremely lush and tight set of tracks that I'm quite confident will yield our best work yet, barring Godzilla or giant rodents eating the DVDs and hard-drives that house our masterpiece. We put a ton of it down live (tracking as a group) and the whole thing just has a lot of oomph.

I'm incredibly excited about this thing, seriously. Can you tell?

Thanks always to the band itself, a harder working bunch of chaps not to be found outside of the Pharoah's slave camps at Giza. Daniel ripped up the skins, as always, playing with more precision and power than ever. Chadwick was unflappable, and brought the shred. Jonathon dropped some righteous grooves and proved himself to be our new resident master of percussive things (he brought a whole bag of tricks.) And Camry aced her keyboard parts (of course), made cookies (!!!) and revealed how much better her voice sounds than mine.

And special thanks to Steph, Cindy, Alicia and Kate for putting up with having your peeps away on Easter Sunday.

So yeah, it was a busy and superproductive weekend. I was mildly shocked that I didn't get any calls from Capitol or EMI this morning, but I guess they're still recovering from all of the colored eggs.


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