Saturday, April 3

EP tracking: Day 1 of 2

What a day! How lovely to be working in a studio (West End Recording) that's literally a few blocks away from my house. I forgot my water bottle filled with yummy throat tea and guess what... I could drive back and get it! This may sound like no big deal to you, but considering that our last record was tracked at a studio an hour from my house, and that the one before that was tracked in Chicago, recording in a local KC studio (and getting excellent results) is a very enjoyable novelty.

Let me also say that Paul Malinowski knows what he's doing. That man can beat any drum into tune. The sounds we're getting are spectacular, and the band's intensive preparations are paying off. And it doesn't hurt that Mike Miller's Westrek gear sounds downright amazing. And it's great to be recording to tape again! But without further ado, let me run down what we accomplished today -

We got basic tracks and vocals (including backing vocals) done for two songs: In Heaven and Savage Love. We've even begun doing overdubs here and there. This is phenomenal progress for one day, even by Sexy Accident standards. Tomorrow it's on to basics for the title track, Now That She's Gone, more overdubs, more singing, percussion, and horns! That's right! Horns!

We were most certainly in the zone. So much so that I realized this evening that I'd had a splitting headache (loud drums in headphones will do that after a while) for about eight hours and just hadn't bothered to notice. I was too busy!

Anyway, It's my hope that we'll be 99% percent done with all tracking as of Sunday evening. We'll see if lady luck is on our side. If all goes to plan, we'll have a hard drive off to Steve Fisk for mixing within the next week or so!

More tomorrow...

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