Monday, December 21

Operation Domestic Bliss

Live in the burbs? Under 21, perhaps? Have a quasi-industrial space you want us to peel the paint off of? We have a modest proposal...

The Sexy Accident announces (dum dum dum...) Operation Domestic Bliss.

Simply put, if you want us to come play a show for you where you work, live or play, just send us a message explaining why it would be a GREAT idea to play for you. If we like what we hear we'll play the show provided that:

1. we won't get arrested
2. nobody will beat us up for being loud
3. we will not be electrocuted by terminally bad wiring (it happens!)
4. we can make the schedule / travel work out

You can even help us make the setlist and you can pick between full electric, acoustic or semi-acoustic style!

So yes, Operation Domestic Bliss. Now you know. And you know what knowing is half of, already, because GI Joe told you.

- Jesse Kates / The Sexy Accident - Download our music for FREE