Sunday, November 15

The Sexy Accident is not a bus

something I sent to the band on this rainy Sunday morning, prompted by my visit to Unity Temple.


The Sexy Accident is not a bus. You don't get on, sit down and wait for it to take you somewhere. The Sexy Accident is a canoe, and the journey is upriver and long.

The canoe only moves as fast as everyone paddles, and it moves the farthest when everyone's paddling in the same direction, and with the same pace and rhythm.

Sometimes you might pull your paddle out of the water and start to think about whether the canoe will really get where you want the canoe to go, or whether we're paddling in the right direction. Sometimes, even though you're trying to paddle, you might not take the time to get your rhythm right. You may start to chop frantically at the water or make small, ineffective strokes. It happens.

Sometimes people leave the canoe, and sometimes new people hop on. That's OK. It's all part of the journey upriver.

The best part of being on the canoe is not getting somewhere, because there's always somewhere else to go next. The best moments are when everyone's paddling together and having a great time doing it: when you sing songs and laugh out loud as you go, and when the motion of the canoe is fast and smooth through the water. Sometimes it's fun to pull the canoe up to shore for the night and just party together, too.

So if you catch yourself with your paddle out of the water, stuck in a mental rut, ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I paddling as hard and as effectively as possible?
2. Is there a way I can help everyone in the canoe paddle together, with the same pace and rhythm?
3. Is there a way I can encourage everyone to paddle with more strength?
4. Is there a new, better way to paddle that we should all try?
5. Can I help make our time in the canoe more fun?

Chances are, you'll think of something.

- Jesse Kates / The Sexy Accident - Download our music for FREE