Friday, October 16

The Sexy Accident seeks BASS

Kansas City indie pop band The Sexy Accident seeks a new bass player.

Here's our bio -

The Sexy Accident play "forceful, even fiery power-pop" "driven by catchy melodies and smart, real-life lyric writing." (The Big Takeover) On their latest release, Mantoloking, the band "addresses the noticeable failings of leaders, family, friendship, and love" and "proffers raw lyrics and bitter memories with aching honesty" (Present Magazine) Jesse Kates, the band's singer and guitarist, writes lyrics that "are detailed, seem carefully crafted, and reflect circumstances from life as we know it." (erasingclouds) and "sings with a devotion and sensitivity that's sometimes surprising." (The Big Takeover) In the past, they've been accused of "evok[ing] the new-wave songwriters of the '80s, clean-cut pop artists like Marshall Crenshaw, Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello" and have been called the midwest's "regional answer to the Fountains of Wayne." (Ink KC)


Things we've done over the past few years:

- Recorded a record (mantoloking) with legendary Seattle producer Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Unwound, Soundgarden, The Wedding Present, etc.) here at the Black Lodge
- Recorded a record (Kinda Like Fireworks) at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studios in Chicago
- Played about 85 shows, mostly in Missouri and Kansas
- Written, rehearsed and performed 35 songs
- Received numerous press reviews and accolades
- Had a bunch of (labor intensive) fun! :)


Our bass player is moving to Florida, and we need a new master of the grooves. What we're looking for:

- A dedicated and professional attitude (practices outside of practice)
- Somebody who writes bass parts to serve the song
- Ability to play in odd times and syncopated rhythms
- Willingness to rehearse once weekly and play out 2-3 times per month
- Open to travel for the odd out of town show
- Somebody who can conjure a little Motown if necessary

Interested? Contact us at:

- Jesse Kates / Download our music for FREE