Thursday, September 17

The Story Behind The Song. Track 4 - I'm Just Trying To Help (Me Like You)

Ah, this one was fun.

So basically, I had met this really cool girl. A friend of a friend. We'll call her "Saucepants" for the sake of discussion. We had gotten to talking a lot and she had recently broken up with a pretty douchey ex. (I'll call him "Douchey McDoucherson" [credit: Daniel Torrence] - or "McD" for short.) I didn't realize just HOW douchey McD was, however, until Saucepants started recounting some of the specifics. Let's run them down, shall we?

- After the breakup, McD had started dating / sleeping with other women, and would regularly call Saucepants with updates and comparisons of their performance vs. herself. He even claimed that he still loved her and might want to marry her one day, once he was done, you know... having fun!

- McD would insult and scold Saucepants for ordering dessert and other yummy things, despite the fact that Saucepants was so light she could easily be caber tossed by a twelve year old girl.

- While McD and saucepants were still living together, McD would refuse to clean whatsoever, claiming it was women's work or similar drivel. Yet he wouldn't pick up the check at restaurants. What a traditionalist!

- McD had suggested (I believe with a straight face) that Saucepants should get a spray-on tan. I mean, really? Do I even need to talk about this?

There was more, and some of it worse. I just couldn't fit it in the song! In fact, my initial draft of I'm Just Trying had a number of other lovely McD nuggets included, but Chuck Whittington of namelessnumberheadman sagely helped me edit it down to a slimmer (and less offensive, believe it or not) set of vignettes.

The night Saucepants told me these things, I was so offended on her behalf ('cuz like I said, Saucepants was cool) that I wrote the first take at the song that very hour. I had a rough recording of melody, chords and the start of lyrics in her inbox the next morning. I think I probably had the song more or less finished within 3 days, with Chuck's edits helping me round things out over the next week or so.

Sometimes inspiration comes easy. All I have to do is get out of the way!

So thanks, Douchey McDoucherson. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't get to act like an asshole on stage. And thanks to Saucepants for letting me share this tale of high douchery with the world.

Next up: Say Goodnight.

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