Tuesday, April 28

Album 3 Recording Diary: Day 5

So. Today Mr. Fisk continued to share his wisdom with us. While listening to "Merry Christmas" he noted that it's a very marketable thing, to have a Christmas song. He also pointed out that everyone has a birthday, everyone has a mom, everyone has a dog (or cat) and everyone (everyone!) loves Christmas.

In response to this critical marketing intelligence, The Sexy Accident have immediately begun penning a new song. The most marketable song ever! The song that is sure to catapult us to superstardom! What's it called, you ask? (Wait for it...)



Happy Birthday, Christmas Dog!

And don't forget: Christmas Dog was a gift from your mother! And one of the verses will conveniently mention that now that we know how much we love Christmas Dog, we need to get a Christmas Cat, as well!


In other news, we had another fun (yes, fun!) grab bag of a day in the studio. We did a whole mess of guitar overdubs on Merry Christmas, including a veritable sea of acoustics. We also did a tremendous surf lead overdub on I'm Just Trying To Help (Me Like You) (previously referred to as I Kind Of Want To Be With You) and smacked a vintage fender organ of I forget variety on there, as well.

I recorded vocals for I'm Just Trying To Help (Me Like You), All Surface, Buy Me Out and Merry Christmas. And I sketched in the vocal line that will be replaced by a female vocalist of Steve's choosing to turn Merry Christmas into a duet! The hardest of the four was All Surface by a significant margin. To give you a sense, I spent about an hour and half to net out two solid takes of All Surface, whereas I got two complete takes of Buy Me Out in less than fifteen minutes. AS is hard because it involves many, many sustained notes near that top of my range, which requires not only good breath and pitch control but awareness of where you are standing/looking in relation to the mic. Steve taught me to sing away from the mic for the long notes, so I was doing a lot of playing around with that technique. In contrast, Buy Me Out is just fun - it's angsty and expressive and involves no sustain whatsoever. It's almost like acting. (I am not in fact a shifty executive.)

Oh, and after I did the sketch vocals for the female duet thing, Steve doubled the pitch of my vocals to see what they would sound like in the likely womanly range. Needless to say, I make an awesome chipmunk. It was funny enough already, but when we got to this part that goes "ha ha ha ha ha ha" in various pitches, it just about killed Chad, Daniel and I. That was probably the high hilarity mark for the session thus far. :)

Continuing the list of new gear used, today we introduced:

- My Takamine classical
- The Fender organ thing
- Line 6 delay modeler (used on the organ)
- Single jingle bell

I left the studio at 6:30 to go get my wife and son from the airport (yay!) but Chad and Daniel continued to work through all kinds of stuff, including in depth work recording a single jingle bell and a whole bunch of backing vocals!

So we now have two songs left to sing and a variety of misc. overdubs to finish out, then it's on to rough mixes! Vive la Sexy Accident! :) Wish us luck!

- Jesse Kates / Download Kinda Like Fireworks for FREE