Sunday, April 26

Album 3 Recording Diary: Day 3


Today was a good day. First thing, we knocked out the basic tracks for the last two songs on our list: I Just Need My Car and Will You Be Mine?. That took about 4.5 hours, including all the guitar tone setting, etc. Then we took a nice lunch break in Lawrence at the Thai place there.

Next we headed back to the studio and switched over to overdubs.

Now, I'm not gonna lie. Ole' Jesse has been pretty damned stressed out for the past few days. Like really stressed. Today my forearms were tingling. We've been making amazing progress, undeniably quickly. But somehow it's still my baby, and we're still not done, and the more we put into it, and the more perfect and awesome it sounds, the more my subconscious fears losing everything we've done. I know it's not very rational, but there it is. I mentioned this to Mr. Fisk and asked him if he had any words for me, and he said something to the effect of "Let it go. It makes sense. It's OK because how you're feeling is a reflection of the same determination and commitment that got you here." I thought that made a whole lot of sense, but I'm still glad we have three hard drives (two backups.) You never known when a moose is going to run into the control room and smash everything.

I neglected to mention in my note re: yesterday that Steve got to experience his first tornado drill in our company. I could tell he was pretty perturbed, as anyone would be (and as I was, for sure) the first time they experience one. But we checked the weather map and he was relieved to know that these things only last a few minutes or hours. I still think he thinks we're a little crazy for putting up with it, though. Maybe he's right! Of course, we don't live next to an active volcano. :)

So re: the overdubs, today included some interesting activities:

- Chad, Daniel and I clapping in unison to a click track ("That was awful!" - Fisk, re: the first take.)
- Me plunking out some piano parts in two-finger, hunt-and-peck fashion.
- Daniel banging a bass drum with a rubber mallet.
- Daniel playing a tambourine (he was relieved that I didn't see this part as he felt it made him look effeminate. :)
- Chad and I arranging a wall of amps so we could rapidly switch between sounds for different parts of different songs.

Gear-wise, today saw the debut of:

- My Heritage played through the Tweed Bassman replica
- Chad's Yamaha played through my Z.

In other news, it appears we are going to finish all of the tracking here in KC! The intial plan was to do vocals and a few dubs in Seattle, but we're moving so fast that we should have enough time to finish it all up this week!

That's about all I've got, sports fans. And now, it is time to sleep.

- Jesse Kates / Download Kinda Like Fireworks for FREE