Sunday, April 26

Album 3 Recording Diary: Day 2

OK, so it's 12:40am and I am unbelievably tired. But I'll write a little update nonetheless. Just forgive any weird grammar errors, OK?

Today was incredibly productive. We got through basics for (in order of appearance): All Surface, Buy Me Out, The Chatty Bandit, Daddy Loves Me Some and Say Goodnight. We worked for 11 hours with a one hour lunch break.

All Surface came off well. We had to sort through some issues re: where and to what extent to use a click track (we decided to use it at the beginning of the song only, before the drums come in) and that took some time. Buy Me Out went more or less easily and we knocked The Chatty Bandit out of the park. Daddy Loves Me Some was a royal pain the ass, though. It took FOREVER to get it right. It's extremely slow and delicate, which is honestly about twice as hard to do vs. fast and aggressive. We ended the night by pushing for five and got 90% of the way through basics for Say Goodnight. We'll scrub it down in the morning and make sure it's right.

Gear-wise, today saw the debut of:

- My Heritage H-535
- Silverface Fender Champ
- Yamaha DI-10MII distortion pedal
- The Hotcake and Keeley Rat on bass
- EHX Wiggler
- EHX Memory Man
- EHX Small Stone
- Z. Vex Fuzz Factory

Honestly I don't have the energy to go into more detail. More tomorrow! Now I've gotta sleep.

- Jesse Kates / Download Kinda Like Fireworks for FREE