Monday, March 9

Aw heck - it's ALL FREE!

You know, I've been doing some thinking.

The Sexy Accident is a rock band. We play shows. We rock the hizzy. That's our business.

Our business isn't selling shiny plastic discs, and everyone knows that most people don't pay for .MP3s.

So, we're going to the extreme. As of RIGHT NOW, you can download our newest album, Kinda Like Fireworks, from our website for FREE.

We even encoded it at 320BPS for all you iPod-wielding audiophiles.

So go get it. And spread it far and wide! We want as many people to hear our music as possible, and we want you all to show up to take in the rock action when we play your town!

I'll encode and post our back catalog (and the Whitford and Jesse Kates albums) sometime in the future.

All this said, we truly do appreciate (and need!) financial support, so if you want to show your love monetarily, buy a t-shirt or button!

- Jesse Kates / Download Kinda Like Fireworks for FREE